Position Papers

MOSES Position Statement on Reducing the Dane County Jail Population Due to the Coronavirus March 23, 2020

All jails do not allow social distancing, and the fact that COVID-19 can be transmitted before an infected person shows any signs of illness, suggests that jails will  become a sources of infection for the whole community.  For both humanitarian and practical reasons as many people as possible should be released from the Dane County Jail.  An appendix to the position paper contains numerous strategies that other jurisdictions are implementing and ideas about how jail reduction can occur.


White Papers

Crisis Restoration Proposal

The goal of a Crisis Restoration Center is to provide an alternative to jail for people experiencing a mental health crisis.  A Crisis Restoration Center is a place that police can take a person so that they are safe, become stabilized and a plan for treatment can be created.

Crisis-Restoration-Proposal_2017-06-08 as a .docx file

High Utilizer Proposal

High utilizers are people who are well known to police, social services and medical services.  Often communities spend lots of money treating high utilizers without providing an increase in their quality of life.  Many communities are finding that with coordinated approach, not only can money be saved, but high utilizers are better off.

High_Utilizer_Proposal-2017-07-19 as a .docx file