Teenage Girl Attacked by Police in Madison Wisconsin

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  1. Rochelle
    Rochelle says:

    THIS was wrong all the way wrong. Whether it’s police training or racial biased,it’s wrong. I seen this video as I was preparing for bed. Usually, I check out facebook, sometimes before I shut my eyes at night. Well, it happened to be around 1am and I opened the video and my blood was boiling. I got on the phone and called people to calm myself DOWN.This young lady wasn’t related to me. But,she could have been, someone in my family. The person could have BEEN White,Black, or Hispanic.(oddly enough blacks are a target) Which is why,it was offensive,unjustified,and wrong. Furthermore, to handle a young person in such a manner,is this what do to kids no days. What happened to protect and serve. Its like America is trying too start a epidemic or standard of how to handle Blacks. I say if your going treat one group this way and it’s not racism. Then there should be evidence/proof of others(groups)which have received the same treatment or IT IS just what it is racism. And,that is the Law,breaking the LAW!


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